How to call Cox: Use the toll free numbers below to customer service, technical support, billing and new service.

New Service, Moving, Promotions: 1-855-791-4148

TV, Internet & Phone Packages

Bronze Bundle

  • TV: 140 channels
  • Internet: 100 MBPS;
  • Phone (unlimited long distance)
  • Smart home

Silver Bundle

  • TV: 170 channels
  • Internet: 300 MBPS;
  • Phone (unlimited long distance)
  • Smart home

Gold Bundle

  • TV: 250 channels
  • Internet: 300 MBPS
  • Phone
  • Smart home

Phone or home automation options can be removed from any of these plans.

Cox Technical Support Number: 1-855-791-4148


  • Cox Communications. Your call maybe monitored or recorded to ensure quality service
  • If you already have an account with Cox communications press 1
    • Please enter the ten digit phone number associated with your account
  • Otherwise press 2.
    • Please wait. Thank you for calling Cox, my name is XXXX, how may I help? (real person)

Cox Home Network Support Number

1-877-891-2899 (24/7)

  • Cox Communication home networking
  • Your call may be monitored or recorded to ensure quality service
  • to expedite your call please choose from one of the following options:
  • to order Cox home networking press 1
  • to cancel Cox home networking press 2,
  • for billing questions related to Cox home networking press 3
  • For technical support related to Cox high speed internet press 4,
  • for technical support related to Cox home networking press 5.
    • Looking for help? From getting started to getting technical has instant answers to many of your support questions. Please visit and click on help for 24/7 access to quick fixes , personalized chat and simple solutions that help you get the most out of your Cox services.
    • Your estimated wait time is four minutes…all representatives are currently busy please hold on for the next available representative, your call will be answered in the order at which it was received.

Cox Communications Tech Solutions Number

1-877-TEC-SOLV (1-877-832-7658) (24/7)

  • Thank you for choosing Cox Communications, your friend in the digital age,
  • for English press one,
    • Thank you for contacting Cox tax solutions, your source for premium technology support, if you are interested in purchasing premium technical support services or to schedule a service appointment, please press one,
      • One moment please while we connect you to the next available specialist, in an ongoing effort to improve the quality of our service, your call may be monitored or recorded.
    • if you are a current Cox tax solutions subscriber and need service, please press two.
    • If you have questions or concerns regarding your Cox tax solutions service, please press three.
  • for Spanish press two.

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