How to call Hertz: contact customer service using the toll free number below. Rent a car, change reservations, etc. When you call, you will be asked the questions below.


800-654-3131 (US or Canada)

  • Thank you for calling Hertz. Your call maybe recorded or monitored for quality assurance.
  • To make or change a reservation for a future time or to check rates in the United States press 1.
  • For reservations outside the United States press 2.
  • If you’re currently using a Hertz vehicle and you would like to extend your rental or change the return location press 3.
  • For road side service press 4.
  • For billing inquires or questions regarding a completed rental press 5.
  • To repeat these options press pound or remain on the line for assistance.

Emergency Roadside Assistance


  • Thank you for calling Hertz local edition, if you are calling to reserve a replacement vehicle due an accident or [theft] please press 1.
  • If you are in need of the billing invoice copy or have a billing issues on a replacement rental press 2.
  • To make reservation or check rates press 3.
  • For all other calls please remain on line and the next available agent will assist to you.

Extend your rental or Change your return location


  • Thank you for calling Hertz your call may be recorded or monitored for quality assurance. Thank you for calling the Hertz rental extension department.
  • For emergency road service press 1.
  • To make a new reservation for the United States or Canada press 2
  • to make a new reservation for all other countries press 3
  • if you have been contacted by Hertz regarding your rental press 4
  • to extend your current rental press 5 or remain on the line.

Hertz.com assistance:


Past Rental Billing Questions or Feedback

hours: 6am-9pm CST M-F

  • Thank you for calling Hertz, your call maybe recorded or monitored for quality assurance. Please choose from the following options.
  • To make or change a reservation or to check rate press 1.
  • For questions or problems regarding a vehicle you currently renting press 2.
  • If you have questions about [play] path, traffic violation or administration fees press 3.
  • For all other calls press 4.

Membership / Gold Plus Rewards

hours: 6am-9pm CST M-F

  • If you are calling about point you have earned from the triple points promotion, please make sure that you have registered for the promotion on Hertz triplepoint.com prior to your rental in order to earn bonus points, base points for Hertz rentals for this promotion will be added to your account the day after rental return, additional bonus points and Hertz on demand based points will be deposited into your accounts within ten business days after rental return.
  • Current gold plus reward members may redeem points or book a reservation using their points at Hertz.com, just log in, select the my account option and then select Hertz go plus reward.
  • If you are not a member already it is easy to enroll on line at Hertz.com, if you’re ready to make a reservation today, redeeming your point press 1 now or visit Hertz.com.
  • For all other question press 2. To repeat this message press pound.

Other Numbers

International Rentals: 800-654-3001

Accident Rates and Reservations: 800-704-4473 (US)

Hearing Impaired: 800-654-2280

Parking, Traffic & Toll Violations: 877-977-5771
hours: 8am-7pm CST M-F

Toll Road charges: 877-411-4300
hours: 8am-7pm CST M-F

source: www.hertz.com/rentacar/misc/index.jsp?targetPage=USContactUs.jsp

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