800 892 2253

Who Called Me From 800-892-2253

– Just get a call from this number? This number is from Spectrum (not spam). If you call this number back, you will get the menu (IVR) below.

  • Welcome to Spectrum. This call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes.
  • You can respond to this system using your voice or the touch tone keypad. To switch to touch tone only press *99 at any time.
  • I have your phone number as XXX-XXX-XXXX. Are you calling about the account for that number?
  • Yes.
  • I found more than one account but I see that you have service at different addresses. Please tell me the five digit zip code of the address you’re calling about. Or say ‘I’m not sure’.
  • I’m not sure.
  • I’ll read out the zip codes. Just repeat the one you want when you hear it

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