NSTAR Customer Support Service:1-800-666-394-4726 (1-800-MONEYGRAM)

  • Hello thank you for calling NStar; for quality purposes your call maybe recorded. I am an automated assistant; how may I help you?
  • Customer service.
    • I understand you want to talk to a customer service representative. I maybe able to help you; you can say things like account balance, payment plan or moving; how may I help you?
    • Account balance.
    • Account balance and recent payments?
    • Yes.
    • Please hold while I look up your account; okay what account number are you calling about?
  • Power outage.
    • Please hold while I transfer your call.
    • Welcome to the Nstar electric; outage reporting systems consider all downed wires live and dangerous. The telephone number XXX-XXX-XXXX doesn’t match our records. In order to process your report we will need either the telephone number or the account number of the location that you are calling about.
    • To enter the telephone number press 1,
    • to enter the account number press 2.


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