Who Called Me From 800-226-3545

– Just get a call from this number? This number is from FPL (not spam). If you call this number back, you will get the menu (IVR) below.

  • Florida Power & Light
  • To get started what type of account are you calling about?
  • Residential or business?
    • Residential
    • OK which of these can I help you with?
    • Make a payment
    • Balance and billing
      • Sure which if these do you need?
      • Check my account balance
      • Request a payment extension
      • Disconnected service for non payment
      • Get my account number
      • Or more options
        • Unexpected bill amount
        • Get a copy of my bill
        • Budget billing
        • Projected bill amount
        • Payments
        • You can also say its none of those or main menu
    • Power problem
    • Start, stop, or move service

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